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Dizzy in Love

Jayden Holt is totally wrong for Izzy Greene. But if there's one thing Izzy's good at, it's doing the wrong thing. She's gone from being single to divorced, employed to unemployed, and having a clean record to serving time, all within a couple of years. 

Jayden may turn out to be the best worst thing for her.


Landin' in Trouble

Landon Greene may be a pro at finding trouble, but he's a certified expert at getting out of it. That is, until he meets Brynn Foster. His dimples don't work any better on her than his charm does. In order to win her over, Landon will have to convince Brynn there's more to him than meets the eye, and he's definitely worth the trouble loving him may lead to.

Landin' in Trouble
Dizzy in Love

Heart of the Frontier

A compilation of four stories set in the Old West. Brittany’s “The Gamble” stars Sir Thomas Clayborne whose idea of an American adventure is turned upside down when he meets Ella Merriweather.

Wedding Belles

One wedding. One disaster. Four couples on a crash course to love. 

The traditional wedding planner and the maverick caterer.

The classical cellist and the country music singer.

The secret photographer and the determined groomsman. 

And the groom who had the wrong bride all along. 


Just One Look

When social media star Madi meets down-on-his luck cowboy Cash, #romance is trending, but can two polar opposites find a picture-perfect happily ever after?


Part of the Just One series that includes authors Melanie Jacobson, Jenny Proctor, and Becca Wilhite


Her Last First I Love You

A society gentleman with a secret. An art expert who can expose him. An attraction neither of them can deny.

Alice Donnelly has baggage and Sir Geoffrey Grey (aka Lord Bellingham) has secrets. Can they overcome their pasts to create a beautiful future?


Part of the Her Last First series that includes authors Melanie Jacobson, Jenny Proctor, and Becca Wilhite


The Royal's Enemy

He’s got big dreams. She’s determined to stop him.
They just might be perfect for each other...

They may be at odds, but Sir Henry Spencer and Addison McCrae can’t deny their growing attraction. But when tragedy strikes, they both may have to sacrifice everything they thought they ever wanted to be with the person they thought they’d never need.
Can they overcome hurt, pride, and an ocean to build a love that will last forever?


Part of the Gentleman of Magnolia Bay series that includes authors Melanie Jacobson, Jenny Proctor, and Becca Wilhite


The Matchmaker's Match

Eliza Woodhouse has everything she wants.  All she needs now is Parker Knightley. But will she realize it before she loses him? A modern-day take on Jane Austen’s Emma.

Sense & Second Chances

Sisters Emily and Annie Carter have lost everything, except for their chances at finding love. But love is never simple, and and in matters of the heart, one sister must proceed with caution while the other needs to take a leap of faith.


Pride & Politics

Summer Knight and Benson Hardy couldn't be more different in their views about everything from religion to politics. So why can't they keep their eyes off each other? A modern-day take on Jane Austen's Pride & Politics.

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