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I used to blog. I enjoyed it. I met some of my very best friends during those years of sending my thoughts out into the ethernet. I’m putting my ancient posts here in honor of the blessings that my blog brought into my life, even though my posts are not as good as I remember.

Not even close.

I’ve grown as a writer, but, more importantly, I’ve grown as a person. I was a mother to young children and tweens when I started blogging. Now I’m a mother to an adult and older teens. Let me tell you, parenting teens goes a long way in changing a person’s worldview and her confidence that her way is the right way.

I know a lot less than I used to.

But in some respects, I know a lot more. For example, I know a lot more about the importance of kindness and not judging others so quickly. I know a lot more about politics--local and national--and why voting is essential to democracy. I’m not anti-antibacterial gel anymore. But I am working on being anti-racist and an LGBTQ ally.

And I’m still a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Basically, the past five years since my last official post have taught me that connection to God and the people around me is essential to surviving uncertainty. This growth has been important. It’s helped make me who I am, and will continue to form whoever I’m becoming. Which is why I’m resisting the temptation to “fix” my old blogposts to better reflect who I am today. History is messy and ugly and beautiful.

Including my own.

What we looked like when I started blogging

What we look like now (sans photoshop)
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Linda Gawthrop
Linda Gawthrop
Sep 29, 2021

I was planning a trip out West to visit our National Parks and started reading Open Season by C.J.Box.

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