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Can an innocent fling turn into the real thing?


I’ve dreamed of being an event planner for as long as I can remember. So, when I get the chance to plan both my step-sister’s televised wedding and Paradise, Idaho’s first Yulefest, I’m determined not to let anything get in the way of proving myself.


Until I encounter the one thing that threatens to sidetrack me: a smoking, hot smolder.


Sebastian Sparks has all the swagger to back up his smolder, and I know I’m in trouble the minute he saunters up to me. But underneath his bad boy image is a surprising vulnerability that’s evident the minute I climb onto the back of his bike.


His e-bike.


He’s supposed to be fun, not forever. Now he wants more.

But he has no idea what he’s getting into with me, and the whole town seems to be conspiring against my efforts to keep a safe distance from him.


When we have to work together to light up Yulefest, Sebastian is determined to prove he’s more than fling-worthy. He’s a man ready to give up everything, including the thing he’s most afraid of. I want to believe him, but I’ve got more than my own heart to protect.


Despite destroyed gnomes, Danish pancake disasters, and a gang of hungry squirrels that threaten to make our first Yulefest together our last, the electricity between us is enough to power every twinkling Christmas light in Paradise.


That’s before the mistletoe mishap. It’s all over the place, including every square inch of the motel room we’re forced to share.


It will take more than attraction and forced proximity to keep us together. If we’re going to find our own slice of paradise this Christmas, there’s another heart Sebastian has to win, even though he’s already won mine.


Is it too much to hope our love story might be the most memorable one t

his holiday season?

Christmas in Paradise
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